Stronger Bond Studios is proudly setting a new standard
for recording studios, by providing each of our clients
with the best studio experience
and sound quality at an affordable rate.

Studio Session Rates with SBS Engineer
2 People + Engineer: $70 per hour 

3 People + Engineer: $80 per hour
4 People + Engineer (Available in Studio A Only): $90 per hour

*4-Hour Minimum per session*

Floor Lockout Option Available: DM for more info

Freelance/Outside Engineer Rates
(Engineer bringing Artist or Artist bringing their own Engineer)

Engineer + 2 Guests: $45 per hour
Engineer + 3 Guests: $55 per hour
Engineer + 4 Guests (Available in Studio A Only): $65 per hour
*4-Hour Minimum per Session*

Deposit required for all sessions

*Instagram Profile must be sent prior to booking*